Business Daily: Kanga fabric spins cash for former top model

Entering Kanga Kulture shop located on the ground floor of Adams Arcade in Nairobi, one cannot fail to notice the bright coloured garments popularly known as kangas on its shelves. The kanga craze has risen sharply in the past five years as more women and adventurous men pile clothes made from the fabric in their wardrobes.
Juliet Kwamboka, the owner of Kanga Kulture, says that she is out to embrace this native East African fabric and build a lifestyle around it.
When Kwamboka returned to Kenya after completing her studies in Australia in 2004, she noticed that prices of African clothes and accessories in the market were too high.
Convinced that she could offer the same for much less, she opened her first fashion business based on the fabric. Offering clothes made exclusively from the kanga was challenging….continue reading