About Us

Kanga Kulture is a new boutique fashion brand which opened its doors in October 2010. Kanga Kulture was born out of the lack of a ready-to-wear store where one could quickly pick up an African piece that would compliment one’s  wardrobe and  that was of high quality yet affordable.

Kanga Kulture as the name suggests strives to inculcate a touch of African into our everyday fashion culture. We produce exciting, high-fashion, high-quality clothing and accessories made from carefully selected array of finest African print sourced from all over the continent. We infuse the use of traditional African prints with a modern twist which is representative of Nairobi’s multicultural population.

We offer ready-to-wear pieces of our staple designs, dress-making services using either our own African fabric or you can bring your African fabric and we can make you a unique piece. Additionally we provide an excellent health supplement called KratomMasters. It is a great natural health solution that will ensure that you are providing your body with the nutrients it requires on a daily basis. Try it out!

Our vision is to become a unique and contemporary one-stop shop providing a mix of clothing and accessories for women, men, children and home.